Nov 28 2012

WP PIPELINE Plugin Review – Control All Your WordPress Blogs from One Place

Wed 28, Nov 11
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WP PIPELINE Plugin Review

Ben shaffer is a Super affiliate who developed WP Pipeline plugin together with his partner Tony Marriott.  Do you have multiple wordpress installation in various domain names? then Wp-pipeline is the most essential plugin you’d ever want. Yes, because its an all in one wordpress plugin. I’ve suffered a lot with my 100’s of wordpress blogs but after using this plugin I saved tons of hours working with my sites, Thanks a lot to Ben shaffer for creating this incredible plugin. I’ve  just found what I am calling one of the best WordPress plugin ever. Seriously.

Before I talk about wp pipeline plugin I’d like to say some words about the creator Ben shaffer. Ben is well known for his previous hot selling products such as Instant content robot, Affiliate link bomber, Video cash method etc. Ben is a strategic internet marketer and he is well known as an effective affiliate marketer and list builder.

WP Pipeline plugin does so many different things.  But the main thing is that it keeps your blogs protected from hackers. Imagine that you wake up one day and find out that a hacker is stealing your affiliate commissions.  Or your Adsense commissions.  And that you have no idea how to get them back.
Or that your sites have all been shut down.  Or removed from Google.

Some of this has happened to me and to many others.  I don’t want it to happen to you.  But if you are using WordPress you ARE vulnerable to hackers.
Period.   And if you have more than one blog, chances are that you are
not protecting yourself by keeping your blog components constantly
up-to-date.   It’s just too time-consuming.  And that is where Ben’s new WP Pipeline plugin comes to the rescue.

Benefits of WP Pipeline plugin:

1. If you have 100’s of blog installations in various domains then this plugin is the dream come true you can manage all the blogs from one place.  Yes you can now install/update plugins and themes from one place and also add new blogs with the few clicks of buttons.

2. Wp pipeline backs up one or all of  your wordpress blogs from one place withall of the options that you would ever want.

3. You can set user and group permissions so that you can give access to other people to the blogs that you want to access their blogs.

4. Cloning and creating new blogs is just a few clicks

5. Secure your blogs from hackers in one place

6. Update all of your wordpress blogs in just one click literally
… and many more features.

So Ben’s new plugin Wp pipeline is a simple and quick way to help you keep ALL your blogs protected all the time with the latest security fixes.  It also allows you to clone blogs and add plugins to multiple blogs with one click.  And there’s more….

After months and months of 20 hours hard days Ben and Tony have had about 200 Beta Testers over the last month testing Wp pipeline plugin and putting it through some rigorous exercises.  And every single one has come back to with the thumbs up. He spent thousands of dollars to develop this incredible software.

This is groundbreaking stuff and you can probably tell that I am excited and I want you to be also!

Special bonus until December 4, 2012:

As part of your purchase, you’ll also have access to Auto Cash Method which currently sells for $497.  Thousands of marketers like yourself have purchased Auto Cash Method for up to $497 in order to create a successful blog empire and it is a perfect accompaniment to WP Pipeline.

Start creating Profitable Blogs Today. Click this button to get instant access to this incredible plugin:

WP Pipeline



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