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Mobile Money Machines Review – Is this another scam? Read the review before buying

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Mobile Money Machines is an another incredibly product created by mobile affiliate marketers Matt Marcus and Frank Lucas, successful marketers besides their previous release Mobile mass money. Mobile Money Machines is designed to serve online marketers to exploit the highly profitable and potential source known as mobile marketing. Marketing through Mobile network is absolutely new marketing concept that is bound to be quite huge. Over  5.2 billion mobile users all around the world that is 80% of the world’s population currently using mobile phone, mobile marketing is a new trend in marketing industry with the high ROI. The Mobile Money Machines system is a complete training package consists of extensive video training and the required tools to make money from mobile marketing.

What is Mobile Money Machines?

Mobile Money Machines contains a comprehensive set of training material that shows you how to tap into the huge and profitable mobile phone market. The course contains a series of videos and written materials that basically teaches you all you need to know. You will learn how to research and identify profitable niches and products. You will also learn how to promote and sell them via mobile phones. Apart from the training materials frank and Matt created a revolutionary unique software that is designed to instantly tapping  into over 5 billion mobile buyers to make massive  affiliate profits  by generating unstoppable flood of traffic and sales.  They paid over $15k to create this Mobile Money Machines software. The software can be used to create mobile web pages and alone the software is worth the price of the whole package.

How Mobile Money Machines Works?

The Mobile Money Machines package is made up of training videos and some written material, plus a mobile web page creator software. The entire package is designed to be very easy to understand and implement. After going through the entire training course you will find out that all you need to start promoting and selling a product to mobile users is basically six simple steps.

Step One: Setup Your Mobile Money Machine

Step one involves how to set up your own mobile money machines up and running. You can download the ready made mobile money machine from there.

Step Two: Profit Stack #1

This is the most essential part of the mobile money machines where you can learn how to set up your auto responder account.

Step Three: Mobile Money Ignition

In this step you will learn how to set up the Facebook API Key.  Once you are done save the info in a safe place as you will need this to power up Mobile Money Machine.

Step Four: Next Gen Squeeze Pages

This is the core step of the Mobile money machines, here you can learn how mobile ties into this whole thing. This method is called Profit Stacking as the name says the more prospects you interact with the more money you can earn. In this training video you’ll learn how to create mobile squeeze pages using their proprietary software called Cellsqueeze software. The squeeze pages created using this software are converting well.

Step Five: Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels

This is the most important step where you can set up your own Auto-Funnel Sequences. As a profit stack here we acquire prospects email id’s and mobile numbers. Two funnels needed one is for email and another one is for mobile SMS text message. In this video you can learn how to set up this whole system without spending much time. After setting this up you have to choose the offer you want to promote – Offervault is a best place to choose the offers.  Choose the niche offers suited for your prospects.

Now its time to set up a mobile follow-up sequence. Yeptext software is the better choice for mobile follow-ups. You can just copy and paste the collected mobile numbers of your subscribers right into the yeptext software and it would be sent in few minutes. The best part is they allow you to set up follow-up messages so your subscribers are making you money even you are not in the computer – a complete autopilot.

Step Six: Turning on the Cash

This is the final step where you’ll learn different ways to get traffic to your mobile money pages. Some secret strategies for getting traffic are taught here.


Mobile Money Machines is a program with great possibilities. In truth, the number of mobile users represents a very huge market with extended possibilities for mobile marketing. With this package you can jump into the game within hours and be among the pacesetters as this emerging industry takes off. The training course is very easy to understand and implement. In fact you can begin promoting your first product to mobile users within about 17 minutes. Mobile money machines comes  with a no question asked 60 days refund guarantee. Try out the Mobile Money Machines package and enjoy our impressive bonuses:

Download Mobile Money Machines

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